WillsTrusts and Estates

More and more individuals are realizing the need for professional help in managing and protecting their assets and planning for their future disposition. We are equipped to help with:

Wealth Management and Estate Planning. In addition to preparing wills and trust agreements that dispose of assets at death, we also offer lifetime planning to achieve maximum income, estate and gift tax savings, and other specific goals. Lifetime planning often involves:

  • the creation of  trusts, partnerships or corporations
  • reorganizing or recapitalizing existing businesses
  • dividing property to facilitate lifetime gifts
  • resolving securities and financial problems

Estate Administration. Our estate administration services include:

  • income tax planning
  • assembling information required to complete U.S. and state death tax returns
  • resolving legal questions relating to businesses, real property, securities, copyrights, patents, trademarks, insurance and any other types of property that may compose the principal of an estate or a trust
  • planning and administration advice with respect to charitable foundations, trusts and organizations
  • litigation related to estates and trusts
  • representation of individual and corporate fiduciaries

Our Attorneys and staff focus their efforts on accounting and tax issues as well as ensuring the orderly administration of estates and trusts and the efficient document preparation necessary to accomplish planning goals.

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